The Rage of Concrete Floor Polishing in Atlanta GA

The Rage of Concrete Floor Polishing in Atlanta GA

Concrete floor polishing in Atlanta is the new rage in Georgia. Why not? Rugs are so boring. Carpet or not that much better. You could put Tiles or lay down some hardwood flooring. But what millennial’s of looking for today, is that burnished concrete finish.


Why not? Have you ever walked into a home with a shiny concrete floor? Maybe if it has a couple of coats of clear coat epoxy. Sometimes concrete artisans in Atlanta we’ll do some incredible designs with stains in different colors.

Bottom line is people like the way A home look when it receives and top-notch concrete floor polishing in Atlanta. Polish floors that are made up concrete or not just for hospitals. They are not just for the rich and famous. Even though it can be quite costly to have concrete floor polished to a blinding shine, she definitely looks cool.

So what happens if you already have a tile floor or carpet that is above your concrete slabs. Obviously that’s going to increase the cost overall. Not only does your previous flooring needs to be pulled up, but your floor and to be more exact, your concrete floor needs to be grounded down.

After your floor is grounded and leveled, it will need to be cleaned so that all of the trust can be removed. Would you have a floor deck and start the process of concrete floor polishing in Atlanta.

Another great thing about having it polish concrete floor is the maintenance of it or the lack there off. If you have a carpet And spill something on it, or if you want to pop that release and self, can you have quite a mess to clean up. Depending on the quality of your carpet, it may be difficult to remove the state. If this thing thing happened on a polished concrete floor, you’re not gonna run into this problem.

No it is important to be careful of which polished concrete floor contractor in Atlanta you choose. You may find one that will work for $1.50 per square foot, but I can guarantee you you’re not gonna be happy with the result or it’s longevity. Usually It will cost several dollars per square foot at a minimum. If you want several layers of clear coat and different types of colors, The cost will invariably go up.

if you choose to more expensive solution, with the right concrete floor polishing company you will be amazed with the result.

Ricky Dunfield

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